Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A little overwhelmed, a lot to do.

Lately things have been, er, overwhelming. I just can't seem to get a foot up on anything. Especially around the house. I have a kitchen full of dishes, a couch full of laundry, and clutter everywhere. Errands to run. Things that need to be taken care of. And no motivation.

It's weird. I go through spurts where I'm really on a roll. Where I get a ton of things done. The house is spotless pretty darn clean. At least tidied up enough that I feel like things are manageable.

I'm not one of those people who think that everything has to be perfect all the time. I mean, surely I would've liked it if my little "routine" from when the condo was for sale had stuck and I always had a beautiful, sparkly clean home but, let's face it, with two kiddos that just isn't going to happen. I just want some semblance of cleanliness. I take it as a bad sign when Beanie cleans up her playroom and thinks cleaning up her dishes means throwing them in her kitchen sink. LOL.

I keep telling myself if only I get into a routine. If only the house was totally spotless and then I could just maintain. If only there were about six more hours in each day. (But who am I kidding, those six hours would be full of things to do too.)

We've had some curve balls thrown our way lately. The thrush - again. Bubby has been going through a growth spurt. He was upset, fussy and having yucky diapers again late last week and over the weekend.

Glenn has mentioned a couple times that maybe it would be a good idea to see if we could get a housekeeper to come once a week or every other week or something. I know he's not saying, "Boy, you sure do a shitty job around the house so we'd better get some help." He's trying to come up with something to help, but I can't help but hear the former. And with trying to save money right now, I just can't see ponying up the dough for a housekeeper just because I can't seem to get my junk together. Must be part of my super mom I-must-do-it-all complex.

But, today we have absolutely no plans. It's unseasonably cool out right now, almost feels like an Autumn morning. I'm motivated. A little. I do know that I feel better with a tidy, uncluttered house. It clears my head. You would think the end result would be enough to catapult me to getting there, but no such luck. Going to try and make a little dent in it today.

So, I'm signing off before I find a million other things to check on the computer....

Wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck! I know exactly where you're coming from...once I get the "overwhelmed" feeling, I have difficulty getting ANYTHING done.

    I've found it helps to give Scotty his chores to keep him busy...or just find an activity for him to do while I clean up. He LOVES playing with my mixing bowls and spatulas while I clean the kitchen OR playing his computer. And I've finally gotten to the point where I force myself to clean the kitchen before I go to bed each night...the laundry still piles up and I still don't vacuum/dust as often as I should, but at least my kitchen is relatively clean :) Ooh, another idea...have Beanie dust. One of Scotty's favorites, even if it's not done as well as I would do it myself :)

    Anyhoo, Good Luck, I know you can do it! And it feels ever so much better once you've started and get on a roll!

  2. I hear you on the "Super Mom" complex! I too think that it would all be so much better to "just" do it all and have a clean house, perfect routine, etc but I think this is so elusive because it is just not completely possible :)

  3. I know the feeling! Someone once said those are the days you just have to draw a big X through and try to start fresh the next day. :-) Have you looked into the FlyLady method? It's the only thing that ever really helps me. I'm always amazed that not only that it works, but that I don't end up feeling like I'm constantly cleaning all week, and that I end up with so much time free to knit or blog in a peacefully clean house. :-)


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