Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rest in Peace Christopher.

I don't really have the adequate words for this post right now, but since I have posted a few times about my friend's son Christopher and his battle with cancer I thought I should update and let everyone know that Christopher passed away yesterday. He had come home earlier this week after MRIs showed that his cancer continued to progress, that the original mass was larger and there was another mass in his brain and more along his spine. Christopher was tired, the medicine was making him sick and his parents decided to bring him home and try to keep him pain-free and comfortable for the remainder of his life.

Rest in peace Christopher. Your life touched so many people. Your family is so strong. I am short on words, but so glad you are no longer in pain.

I'm not a religious person. The fact that a three year-old can die of cancer pains me. It solidifies my belief that there must not be any greater power out there. (I'm not trying to be insensitive, but this is my blog so I feel okay posting about how I feel).

Hug your children tighter. Show them you love them every day. Let the little stuff go. The only guarantee you have is the present.

If you want to read more about Christopher and his courageous battle against cancer, you can visit his Caring Bridge Site.


  1. That just made me cry.

    I have tried to go to his site but I have a really hard time reading about sick children but that did not stop me from thinking of him many times. I am so sad to hear that he passed away. I am relieved that he is out of pain but it breaks my heart that he and his parents (and family) has had to go through this. I can't imagine losing a child.

    I hope that Christopher's family is somehow able to find peace in this horrible time. They are in my thoughts - as are you.

    Thanks for the update - as sad as it was...


  2. Heartbreaking. It sounds so trite, but I am sorry for everyone involved. Thoughts are with you all.


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