Saturday, August 14, 2010

Best. Treat. Ever.

Early in my elimination diet a friend who was also trying to identify intolerances in her little one told me she found some gluten-free chocolate muffins at Whole Foods. I wondered if they'd be everything-free enough that I could enjoy them. And they are! Udi's Gluten free Double Chocolate Muffins are also dairy free, soy free and nut free. And they are delicious. They are moist and perfectly chocolaty. Pair them with a cup of coffee and some So Delicious French Vanilla coconut milk coffee creamer and you might find me breaking my no-chocolate-for-breakfast rule. They're perfect for a dessert too.

When I found out I had to be gluten-free and dairy-free for Bubby, I thought I was going to have to miss out on delicious baked goods. I found a lot of yummy-looking items that were gluten-free but not dairy-free or dairy-free but not gluten-free. Then I found Udi's muffins and realized I don't really have to miss out on anything at all.

Glenn, who's not gluten-free, even just asked me if he could have one of my muffins. Beanie likes them too. In fact, they taste better than many "regular" muffins I've had so even if you're not gluten- and dairy-free you might want to give them a try. They're on sale locally at PCC for $4.99 through the end of August. I bought two packs yesterday (one for now, one in the freezer) and I'm sure I'll go back for more by the end of the month.


  1. Yeah for tasty treats!

  2. They sound amazing! I wish I had a Whole Foods near me!

  3. Amy-Try the store locator at


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