Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet Blog Award

Oooh, my first ever blog award. Although I'm not really sure what a blog award means, but I do feel honored nonetheless. Special thanks to Sandy over at Suddenly Sandy for passing the Sweet Blog Award over to me. Rule is I have to pass it along to ten other bloggers, so here are ten of my favorite blogs. Make sure and check them out!

1. The Shafer Family -- Because Jill is brutally honest about everything she goes through and, although she will totally deny it, she is a supermom. She has so many cool activities on her blog that I'm just itching to try out.

2. Best Laid Plans -- Because, although we've never met, I read her posts and they're often exactly what I would write on a topic.

3. Mom to Bee -- Because she blogs about stuff I wouldn't dream of writing about (think strep B tests and colonoscopies) and cracks me up every time.

4. Swimming Duck -- An AP mama who always has thoughtful posts!

5. Birth Unplugged -- Lots of interesting info on natural childbirth with plenty of links to research.

6. Country Life with Country Wife -- Because she has over 100lbs of tomatoes to jar and I can't even get it together with my 10x10 garden.

7. Sarah Chambers -- Because her scrap layouts are amazing (and I'm still on Beanie's 9mth pictures), honest posts on her two devastating losses and she has a ton of helpful info on vasa previa.

8. Accustomed Chaos -- Great blog with product reviews, attachment parenting and gluten-free info.

9. Mama Cum Laude -- Honest posts and great pics!

10. Calling it Progress -- She just moved her blog, but I always find good ideas and posts here.

I tried to pick a variety of blogs so hopefully you all can find a new blog to enjoy.

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