Monday, November 15, 2010

Halfway There.

Whew, where has the time gone? NaBloPoMo is already halfway over! I'm liking it so far; it's definitely "forced" me to carve a little time out for myself. Instead of dorking around on Facebook and Twitter all night long I try to take some time to sit and write. I have a few posts set up in draft that I'm working on. I'm feeling good about things in the blog-o-sphere.

Oh, you thought I'd have something important to say for the halfway mark? Sorry. No bones.

Actually, I was hoping to have a "better" post to write today, but it's been a rough day. Beanie had a rough go at bedtime last night. I let myself get uber frustrated and subsequently beat myself up about it. Bubby is cutting his other front tooth and nursed nearly every hour last night. Then, both the kids were up at 4:30 this morning. Eek! All three of us were back asleep by 6:30 and slept for a bit longer. We missed a playdate at a friend's house I've really been wanting to see. Bubby is very cranky -- poor guy with his tooth and with some tummy issues. There's a few other things that are going on -- finances, family stuff, etc -- that are adding stress to life.

Beanie and I took some time to drink cocoa and have pumpkin muffins together. Well, she had hot cocoa and I had coffee. It was fun. I've been wanting to take her out for a latte (steamed milk for her), but the finances just don't allow it this week. I braided her hair and she really liked it. Right now I am home alone while Glenn and the kids are at the store shopping for dinner. We're making spaghetti and hoping it'll last for at least two dinner this week.

So, that's it. All I got for today. And I'm not going to beat myself up for writing a semi-lame (or maybe really lame???) post just to keep up with NaBloPoMo. Hopefully back to more meaningful blogging tomorrow....

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