Monday, November 1, 2010

It's been a rough morning.

Oh look, a two-for-one for the first day of NaBloPoMo.

It's been a rough morning. The kind where I wonder if I can keep my sanity in check. The kind where I count the minutes until Glenn will be home from work (and, subsequently, the kind where I'm glad he has a weird work schedule and will be home soon to break up our day).

It hasn't been anything much out of the ordinary. It's pouring which doesn't do much for my mood. I'm envious of the parents who have kids who sleep in after a long and fun-filled evening because mine were still up bright and early. Poor Bubby seems to be working on cutting about three or four teeth. He is uncomfortable and rightfully so. He's in that stage where mommy can't be out of sight for two seconds and, while we can make it work most of the time, let's face it there are times when mommy needs to be out of sight for two seconds. Beanie is having a rough morning too. I'm sure that, to some extent, our moods are playing off each other and that makes me feel even worse. She wants to cuddle and I want to too, but it's hard when there's a baby around that needs all your attention too. She wants to play music and make loud noises, but Bubby is napping (for one of the couple twenty minute cat naps he's taken today).She says, "I don't want to listen!! I don't want to do anything!!!"

I'm glad Glenn is home now. He's cuddling with Beanie, Bubby is napping (maybe for more than twenty minutes this time??) and I can have a few much needed moments to myself.

I find myself feeling guilty that Glenn didn't get to take a nap as he wanted to (because he stayed up late last night for Halloween with the family) because the kiddos were just not having family naptime. I feel guilty the kitchen is a mess and we don't have anything for dinner. I feel guilty I'm still in my pajamas (although with the weather we're having today I can think of no better day for a pajama day). I feel guilty that all my other friends seem to have it together enough to have blogged/facebooked/whatever their Halloween pictures and I am still trying to get them sorted out.

It's been a rough day.


  1. (((((HUGS))))) We've had a rough one here too and we didn't do Halloween! Gabriel's teething, and Ethan's fussy and defiant. Dark and gloomy here also... Hope it gets better for ya!

  2. *hugs* This sounds like my whole last week :) Scotty and I didn't get much done at all...and I don't have Halloween pics up yet either (I only have one, so what's my excuse other than pure laziness???) Take a breather if you can and I hope your day starts to pick up now that Glen's home to help and give you some "me" time!

  3. Don't feel bad. That sounds like my every day and I have a husband who is home full time. I don't have Halloween pics up yet either. In fact, I barely take pics. You are doing just fine.

  4. I'm sorry. Days like these seem pretty frequent for us right now but maybe just take a hot shower and press the do-over button?

  5. I remember having those days... Oh, wait, I still have those days! I don't think they ever end, just change somewhat. Hugs! Hope you get a do-over tomorrow!

  6. I've been in my pajamas all day long, and the kids have been watching TV for most of the day. We are ordering pizza for dinner tonight. I'm sorry you are having a rough day. I am having one of these too. :-/ (The only thing I managed to do today was blog.)

  7. Hang in there, gal! You have a lot going on, you accomplish tons, and you have great deserve a day in PJ's!

  8. 1. Stop feeling guilty. Just throw that useless feeling away. 2. Go eff your husband senseless, no excuses. 3. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Nobody else is having to live your life.

    I think I'm done. You're welcome.

  9. No need to feel guilty, this is life and it happens regardless. You can use one of my "slogans" that I'm doing for my diet/exercies plan.

    A U-turn beats no turn.

    Now my saying ends with "6 oreos are better than 6 oreos plus a piece of pie" lol but you get the can turn your day around at any minute :)


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