Friday, November 5, 2010

The Looming Reintroduction

In less than two weeks Bubby will be eight months old. The time is quickly coming when we can reintroduce the allergens into my (and subsequently his) diet. His pediatrician said that we could reintroduce at either nine months or twelve months old; she left it entirely up to us.

On one hand, I'm excited. According to our pediatrician, most babies outgrow milk protein & soy sensitivities by one year of age. She said that out of all the infants she'd seen with sensitivities she only had three who didn't outgrow at one year and only one who didn't outgrow the intolerance by three years old. Right now, it really isn't a big deal for Bubby. He nurses and he doesn't know any differently. I really hope he outgrows the intolerance by the time he's old enough to know what is going on. Being able to consume wheat, dairy and soy (or, really, any combination of the three) would make things a lot easier, for me right now and for Bubby later. It's only been in the last few weeks that I've started missing foods, started craving a grilled cheese sandwich, or started getting frustrated when Glenn comes up with dinner idea after dinner idea that I can't have. The other thing is that the holidays are looming right around the corner and, while I'm sort of looking forward to lots of recipe adaptations and exploration, it'd be nice to be able to enjoy some of the holiday favorites we are accustomed to. If we tried a reintroduction at nine months, there is the possibility we would be good to go at Christmas. When I think about the reintroduction from my "holiday perspective" as I call it, it makes me feel more than a tad selfish.

On the other hand, I'm nervous. I don't want to reintroduce these allergens if they're really going to bother Bubby. I know we have to try them out sooner or later. The fact that he had such a difficult time when I reintroduced before (mucousy, horrible diapers with streaks of blood and incredibly fussy) makes me want to wait as long as possible. Eliminating wheat, dairy and soy from my diet made all the difference in the world for Bubby. I don't want to cause him pain or discomfort.

I know the reintroduction is something we have to try sooner or later. Glenn and I have been talking about it. I've been reading what I can. We want to be able to make the best, most educated decision for our son. It's nervewracking, but it also brings about the possibility of no longer living gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free.

I know I should be (and I am!) happy about that prospect, but, the truth is, I have become very accustomed to this lifestyle. I feel healthier, although I am almost positive that can be attributed to the lack of dairy as I noticed a difference when I was only dairy-free. Part of the nervousness with the reintroduction has to do with not only how Bubby will react, but how my body will react.

There are a lot of unknowns with this looming reintroduction. I am excited to see how it all plays out and also a bit nervous too.


  1. Do you have an order you're thinking of? Like first soy, then wheat, then dairy? Is one or the other more likely to be something that he'd outgrow sooner? I don't think it's selfish to want to try some at Christmas - it'd be time to do some testing anyway so just consider it perfect timing! It'd only be selfish if it meant doing it a couple months early :)

  2. The wheat is the wild card, the one that isn't as usual among infants. I think we'll leave soy until last (even though I think it is the hardest) because that is the one that didn't really stand out in the initial reintroductions. Supposedly, most with soy sensitivity/allergy react to soy proteins, but Bubby definitely had a problem with the soy oils. He was also getting hives then (which could be a total coincidence) but is more indicative of an actual allergy and not just an intolerance. The problems with wheat and dairy were all gastrointestinal.

    I guess my thinking right now is that if we try something at nine months it would probably be wheat. Then dairy & soy later.

  3. Just read your site for the first time. Really compelling. I think I just want to say Good Luck. Totaally understand your fears - while there are major food groups not being eaten here - why stir the fire? These risks are just that - difficult risks given the potiential gains and losses.

  4. Let's share some T-giving recipe ideas. We are really wanting to make a dessert that I can eat. I have a Paula Deen recipe for sweet potato bake (like the pie w/out the crust). I would just use almond milk.

  5. Here is hoping that the reintroduction goes smoothly. I saw a study that showed that trying out allergens before the allergy has gone away doesn't make the problem worse and may help the body fgure out how to process that thing. I can't find it now, of course.

  6. yikes...good luck. This would be scary - I know if he does react, it takes him a bit to get it out of his you still pump? Just in case you want to indulge at the holidays (I know you hate pumping)? I feel for you, sis...seems as though it is a right of passage for surviving the year that you should be able to eat whatever your heart desires during the holidays. You are a fabulous mom - I hope P. has outgrown all of his allergies/intolerances.


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