Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: First Snow

Earlier this week we got our first snow of 2010 and Bubby's first snow ever.

I'm linked up over at Hobo Mama and Dagmar's Momsense so click on over for more Wordless Wednesday posts.


  1. Brrrr hope that doesn't find us I'm not ready.

  2. He looks so gorgeous in that picture. Those eyes! Hope you're staying warm, too. :) It's funny, because this is not our three-year-old's first snow, but I keep wondering when will be the first snow he remembers. This is the first snow he's really gotten involved with, at least! Anyway, that just to say that you have at least a few more winters of newness ahead. :) It's fun to see it through their eyes.

  3. Hi, thanks for mentioning me in your post, how sweet of you!

    I also posted pictures of my little boy, another little guy with beautiful eyes like your little guy :)

    I remember being so exited to show L his first snow.

    Dagmar's momsense


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