Monday, March 2, 2009

On the edge of your seats.

Yea, sorry, I know. I posted such a cliffhanger and then never came and updated. Most of you who read likely follow me elsewhere so you might know what happened. If you've been unable to sleep because I haven't updated my blog, sorry ;)

Let's see. Going to do the abridged version here because I only have a few minutes. Beanie is eating Kix and watching Spongebob so I can type this up.

The house --

We got an offer. It was low. We countered. They countered back. We agreed. Inspection next day. They got the condo binder. Backed out. Bastards.

So, yea, the house is back on the market. There is a lot more to it, actually thinking of hiring an attorney about our HOA and management association but I'll leave that for another post when I have a bit more time.

The job --

Glenn found out someone got injured at another depot and he had about 3 months of work. Two days later at work he found out this guy wasn't injured as bad as they thought so its likely just a few weeks. But his boss did let it slip that they are adding back a route at his depot, we just don't know any detail as his boss clammed up pretty fast after spilling the beans.

Apologies again. The last five days were quite the whirlwind of activity. Now I've got to get around to making the house sparkle again because you never know when we might get a call for a showing!

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