Wednesday, May 27, 2009

House pics.

I have hesitated posting pics of the house, mostly because I have been wanting to post before and after pics of the house. Judging from what we have left to do the after pics may take awhile so hopefully these will satisfy your appetite until then!!

The dining room.

The IMO guacamole green fireplace. (Sorry just realized that I don't have any pictures of the biker snot green living room!!)
The "temporary master" as Glenn calls it. Drives me nuts. There are three bedrooms down the hall and the 4th is an addition off the dining room. Just doesn't make sense to me to use that as the master right now with a little kiddo. Maybe someday in the future. So, this is the master.
Beanie's room.
The former purple room (complete with purple carpet), soon to be the office.

The main bathroom.

The workout room. (pretty small as its the converted garage)

The kitchen (still getting used to how much smaller it is than our old one!!)

The 3/4 bath (and me in the

The playroom.

A close up of the painted baseboards. They are like that in EVERY room!

Oh and click here if you missed the pics of the outside of the house & the yard I posted earlier.


  1. great house...we need a yard photo. Love the low windows in the playroom!!

  2. Snot green...

    I can probably come over for a little bit on Saturday to help out more :)


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