Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who do you blog for?

This question came up recently, not in regards to this blog, but regarding the other private blog I keep for Beanie. I was telling Glenn how I was frustrated that no one seemed to check her blog anymore, or at least no one left comments. Or maybe frustrated that my dad checks it twice a day and leaves the most ridiculous comments ever. Either way, the question came up and I have been thinking about it.

With this blog its easy. I blog for myself. Sure, I get excited that there are a few people who like my blog enough to regularly (or at least semi-regularly) read. I think about things and think I should blog about this mostly because I am sure someone will be able to relate, enjoy my post, or give me some advice. But the crux of it is for me. Its a great way to get all those random things out of my head.

With Beanie's blog its more difficult. I do get enjoyment from her blog. I started it because I was sick of everyone asking for more pictures of her (most all our extended family is out of state) and a friend suggested blogging as a way to keep everyone up to date at once. A few friends check her blog, but it is mostly reserved for family. Mostly just the grandparents and they are three very different blog readers/commenterers. First, there's my dad whom I mentioned before. He checks multiple times a day (even when its been two weeks since I posted) and he leaves comments that just crack me up. Like they always have some silly little thing in them like, no laughing at boys until you're 25 Beanie or something like that. Then there's my mom, who always talks to me (via phone or email) about how my dad must check it all the time and he's always the first one to leave a comment. And she's rarely comments, or at least it seems she'll only comment if she can beat my dad to the punch. Then there's my mother-in-law who will go on for years about how much she misses us and wishes she were closer but only checks the blog about every 2 months. Or she'll ask (over the phone) if there's anything new on there yet (even when I've been posting every day).

I guess all I'm trying to say is nothing really, or just point out the differences. I keep up with Beanie's blog because I know our friends and family do appreciate it, maybe just not in the way I want them to? This blog is more fun. I can write and while I may get bummed if no one comments or if certain people I might wish would read don't I still enjoy it. Because its for me, and only for me. The kicks you readers get out of it are a bonus!

I know some people mesh their own blogging and blogging about their children together, but that's just not my cup of tea. I like having my own space, a place where I can blog about any and all craziness I want to. I probably wouldn't feel like that if mother-in-law (or mother or stepmother for that matter) were reading. Same reason I denied my mother-in-law's friend request on facebook, which could be a whole nother blog post entirely (and probably will be, someday).

Anyway, that's it for today...thought maybe some of you fellow bloggers might relate. Or at least get a kick out of my ramblings.


  1. Well, in my case, I've been terrible about blogging lately, so I'm pretty much blogging for no one. :-( I miss it, but at the same time, I just haven't prioritized it. Like, why aren't I doing it right now, instead of junking up your comments section with my rambling? :-) But I know what you mean about wanting to have your blogs have separate identities. When I started my first blog, I didn't tell any of my friends or family about it, because I wanted a place to vent semi-anonymously. But then I created Alex's blog, more as a way to keep friends and family posted about what he's up to, recent pics, etc., and the two blogs are linked, so some of my friends found their way to my other blog. Fortunately, I'd anticipated this, and made sure in advance that there was nothing I didn't want them to read. But I think that might be part of the reason I don't update that blog as much lately - it's almost become TOO public, you know? Or maybe it's just another excuse for my laziness - hard to tell. Anyway, even though I don't always comment, I do check your blog often, and love reading what's on your mind!

  2. haha! I even set up separate blogger accounts for my 2 blogs so the parental units wouldn't find this one. Crazy? Maybe, but it does allow me to talk about WHATEVER I want. I miss your blogging though...I keep checking to see if you've updated :)

  3. Ooh, didn't think of creating separate identities - clever! I promise to get back to blogging soon, but for now I just posted a rant in pg.org, my other family-free zone. :-)

  4. You can hide the other blogs from readers. When you go to the profile, you can just see the ones you want people to see. You have to set this up in your settings...
    I read this blog and your other blog all the time. I think I used to comment more but feel weird because it seems like it is mostly for your parents and in-laws so I leave it for them to comment on.
    Be careful what you wish for...I am now going to become the crazy commenter.
    I have some unsolicited advice though...write for yourself. Don't get down on the comments thing. Write Beanie's blog for her...so someday you can both look at it together and marvel that you made it through. It is a great stress reliever to write (vent)and you should continue both blogs.
    Plus you promised that you would blog about why you do not do martail arts anymore and I am still waiting...

  5. Okay Bri, I promise I will add the kung fu post to the long list of blogs I want to write. Coming soon, just for you :)

  6. You're not crazy at all to keep the accounts seperate! I could only imagine what would happen if a certain someone were to read some of these posts! Hahaha.


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