Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm attempting crafty-ness.

I have a really neat idea of what I want to do in Beanie's new room. Whether or not it will turn out as nicely as I imagine in my head remains to be seen. So, here's my vision...

I picked out a lighter purple color which we are going to paint the walls. Then I'm going to use our laser level and a stencil (I'm thinking butterflies) to stencil about chair rail height around the room in a darker shade of purple. I'm thinking its going to look great as long as I can stay within the lines. Its probably going to be a lot more work than I think, but I am pretty excited. I'm nervous too. I hope it doesn't turn out looking like crap.

I'll be taking lots of before and after pics (of all the rooms) so you can look forward to those!

And I would really appreciate any tips anyone has on this whole stencil crafty-ness idea of mine.


  1. My only thought (and keep in mind this is coming from a pretty UN-crafty person) is that maybe I would go for more of a random pattern, as opposed to trying to stay within the lines, then you won't have to be quite so precise. Just kind of have the butterflies alternating a bit over and under the line you're shooting for, kind of zig-zagging? Just a thought... Good luck! And of course I expect to see pics of the finished room. :-)

  2. Ooh...I like your idea. Maybe I should try something like that at some point. Of course we're all sharing a bedroom right now. Maybe someday. You should post pics when you get it done!


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