Monday, May 11, 2009

There's a whole lot of painting going on.

Just not so much as of yet though! We have so much painting to do in the new house. The previous owners had really odd color choices. And 4 children so the bedroom are very personalized. We've taken down the border and primed in the master and are set to paint today. We also want to paint Beanie's room today so that we can get the beds set up there. Luckily we had some paint leftover from the condo (3 gallons of a lighter tan when we bought a shade too light for the kitchen on accident) and we bought some more paint yesterday at Home Depot.

I especially like the names Glenn has come up with for the colors currently in the house. Like biker snot rocket green which is pretty much throughout the common areas of the whole house and also in the living room. The accent wall in the living room is IMO guacamole green which, while I love guacamole, is about the most putrid color of green I've ever seen. Glenn hates it so much he primed it yesterday before we even had any paint for the room. I tried to get a name for the green in the workout room from hin, but he said he was too tired.

I'm just hoping Beanie cooperates with some painting today. She wasn't much for napping there yesterday, kept waking up. I think I may have to bring the laptop and a DVD over. This might be one of those days that a little TV is a blessing :)

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  1. Love the vivid color descriptions. :-) Reminds me of my sister's bathroom, which she fondly refers to as "baby s*** brown"...


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