Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sprinkler fun.

Last night (after dinner & before all my posting) I was trying to figure out what Beanie and I should do for the evening. We had left the stroller at the rental so a trip back to get it sort of put us too late for a walk to the park to play. Glenn suggested turning on the sprinkler and letting her play in it. It definitely was a hit. The first time she ran through the water was hilarious. She got just close enough for it to get her and then shrieked and ran away giggling up a storm. I couldn't help laughing just watching her, and ended up running through (in my clothes) a few times myself. We threw her ball back and forth through the sprinker and she picked lots of flowers (okay because Glenn is planning on compeltely redoing the whole garden box) and watered them in the sprinkler. It was a fun evening and, with the weather as nice as it is (and is forecasted to be for quite a bit) I'm sure we will bring out the sprinkler again soon.

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