Friday, May 8, 2009

Jardine Enterprises Cribs S-U-C-K SUCK!!!

Once again the recall on Jardine Enterprises cribs has been expanded. We have one for Beanie (not that its ever really been used, but still). The first recall was in June 2008 and it was expanded earlier this year. Beanie's crib was (sort of) included in the expansion, it was the correct model number but was made in Vietnam instead of China so apparently it was a-okay. Now the recall has been expanded to include the ones made in Vietnam, but somehow the stain/color/etc of Beanie's crib makes it okay. I have to double check once we get the crib out of the POD, but according to the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission site, only black and white Olympia Lifetime Cribs are involved.

Get it together! I can't imagine how a crib with a natural stain (but the exact same crib) is somehow safer than one that is white or black.

And it makes me really angry that the recalls keep getting expanded. I'm not the most knowledgable person on the whole recall protocol, but if Beanie had been sleeping in this crib for the last 2 years and just now they recalled her specific model I would be beyond livid. At the least I'd like to get my money back for the crib (or some of it at least) by selling it on craigslist, but who the heck is going to buy a crib that is (almost) recalled? Its ridiculous.

And Jardine's remedy? To give you credit towards the purchase of a new crib. Hello...we purchases this crib over two years ago so the likelihood of needing another one right now is pretty damn low. Perhaps you should've just made a safe crib in the first place! Or give credit towards some other product that parents of two year-olds need because most of them aren't in the market for a brand new crib.

Anyway, I just want to get the crib out of the darn POD already and see if it is or isn't included. If it isn't I think I'll call Babies R Us and see if there's any remedy.


  1. That is incredibly annoying. You know, I can't remember what brand my crib is. My parents bought it for us. I'm going to have to look. It irritates me to no end how many baby/children's items get recalled every year.

  2. Y'know what's even more stupid? Their procedure for getting a voucher for getting a new crib. You bedshare, so this doesn't affect you, but for me to get a new crib, I have to take apart my old crib and send them certain pieces of it. Ummmm, what the hell is my baby supposed to sleep in in the meantime? I am VERY annoyed.

  3. Wow Simona that is stupid! I hope you can figure something out because that sounds ridiculous!


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