Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A (not so) clean break.

So the previous owners are currently living right across the street while the house they are building is being completed. Weird? I think so. Am I wrong that it totally creeps me out that they are living right across the street? I feel like I'm on that show where the old owners come back to see what you've done to the house except they're not coming back...they are right there while we're doing the fixing up. Yea. Creepy.

It first came to my attention on Sunday when I realized that the lady and her 4 kids piling out of the minivan across the street looked an awful lot like the previous owners. Then Glenn came out of the master and said "hey, the old owners are across the street." He was hoping they were just visiting friends, but, no, they are there all the time. Yesterday after Beanie and I arrived in the morning I noticed there was a note hanging on the front door. It was from the old owner. Attached to it was a flyer for the neighborhood Memorial Day BBQ/garage sale/concert. Yes, be jealous...I now live in an awesome neighborhood. As in they have BBQs in my cul-de-sac. Then the UPS guy dropped off a package for the previous owner. Sigh. After I noticed the van leave I took the box over and dropped it on the porch. Today I got the mail. It was all for them. As Beanie and I were leaving to go to the PO Box I noticed the previous owner at the mailbox so I grabbed her mail and gave it to her.

Then came the conversation. She was super friendly, don't get me wrong. Too friendly for my tastes maybe. Maybe just too friendly because she used to sleep/eat/pee/bathe in my house. Perhaps if it was another neighbor I would've thought Wow, what a nice & friendly neighbor! She asked Beanie if she liked her new room and I replied that Daddy was painting it purple at the moment. "More purple?" she replied, suggesting (or assuming) that the room that was her daughter's was also going to be our daughter's room. Actually, the currently purple room is going to be the office. I didn't tell her that. Nor did I tell her that we were painting the biker snot rocket green living room brown later on. And it was the weird way she said how are you, Kristen? like she knew me. I wish (oh I wish) I could reflect the intonation in her voice her on the blog because it was weird. Like the kind of tone someone would use if they were asking you how you were after a loved one died or something. Like I halfway expected her to put her hand on my shoulder or something.

Its just weird. When we moved out of the condo we forgot to leave the garage door openers. Glenn had it programmed into his car and we hadn't used them in ages. Neither of us wanted to go back, even just to drop the opener off on the porch.

So, I don't know. Is it weird that I'm a bit creeped out that they are right across the street? I feel like we are trying to start fresh and make it our home and they are breathing right down our necks. What do you think? Would it creep you out too?


  1. Yeah, I can see how that would be a little odd, at the very least. As if they're sitting there in judgment about what you do to THEIR house. I went back to a house I'd lived in before once - I can't remember the reason - and it was WEIRD. From the moment I stepped in the front door, everything just felt wrong. I only saw the front hall, a little bit of the living room, and down the hall a bit to the family room, but it was no longer MY house, and it felt really strange to be there. So I guess what I'm saying is maybe it's weird for them too?

  2. Yea, you are right. I bet it is a little weird for them too. Their new house is going to be done in August and they put the house on the market figuring it would take a few months to sell. Little did they know we'd come along and snatch it up ;)


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