Saturday, May 16, 2009

I think Beanie's bedroom is a hit.

I haven't started the stenciling yet, but we took her in her new room the other day to show her the walls. She jumped up on her bed and started saying " purple..." as she pointed at each wall. It was hilarious. I guess I made a good color choice.

I feel like there is still so much painting to do. Because of the colors we have to prime almost every room before we paint so it makes for a lot of work. Well, a lot of work for Glenn. He's been doing most of the painting while I unpack the kitchen stuff and watch Beanie. He's hoping to get the workout room painted today and then we can finish unloading the POD. We were hoping to be sleeping there as of tonight, but it might take a couple more days. I have to head back to work tomorrow so what we get done today will probably pretty much be it for the weekend.

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  1. I can't wait to see pictures! I would have the same reaction, btw: Wow, purple! I LOVE purple! I'm sure the stenciling will make it look even more beautiful. Please, post pics when you guys are done! Are you now sleeping there?


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