Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Its to be expected.

This afternoon while Glenn was painting the living room Beanie walked over and put her fingerprints all over our 46" plasma screen TV. Glenn was livid! I told her "no" and walked her away to explore something else. Noting that the TV was sitting on our bench by the front door where we put our shoes on (at the TV stand isn't inside yet) I said "Well, with it sitting there its sort of to be expected she's going to try and put her fingers on it." He angrily replied "No, its not."

I wasn't saying it was okay that she put her little fingerprints all over the screen; I was saying that considering the fact that it was sitting on a bench at prime baby-fingerprint-height it would pretty much be a miracle if she didn't try to put her paws on it. Sort of like if you leave your glass on the coffee table while she's thirsty. Sure she has her own sippy cup sitting right there, but for some reason water tastes much, much better out of Mommy or Daddy's glass so she grabs it and spills the water on the coffee table. Can you really blame her for picking up the glass, or do you blame yourself for not thinking it through enough and leaving the glass on the table?

I am apt to put it on myself. She's an almost-two-year-old VERY curious little girl. If you leave something in her plain reach she is going to be curious about it and grab/touch/play with it. She's a toddler. You can tell her no and send her on her way, but, in all reality, maybe you just shouldn't have left it there in the first place?

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