Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Overwhelmingly Anxious...

...about this upcoming trip to the in-laws. See there are a few things that make me dread this more than just about anything else in the world.

#1 -- I am a nervous freak when anything regarding the extended family comes up. Especially my inlaws. My mother-in-law has no concept of personal space (hello, she RAN down the street in Lahaina with her arm outreached like a football player to "attack" my barely pregnant belly) and she just pretty much drives me batty.

#2 -- I HATE flying on airplanes. Seriously, I think I grab Glenn's hand so hard my fingers (and his) are white from the pressure.

#3 -- Beanie has never been on a plane. I am nervous that she is going to HATE it, be that kid screaming her lungs out, etc etc. Not to mention she is quite, um, spirited and doesn't really like to sit still for 5 minutes, let alone 5 hours.

So, yea, the anxiety this all is causing me is a bit overwhelming. I'm trying to get over it because I know if I am anxious for/on/during the flight Beanie will be too. That is the last thing I want. And, while I may wish for some secret illness to creep up on us as the days approach, I really don't want that either.

So, the plan of attack is lots of snacks, toys and (maybe -- okay, definitely) a new portable DVD player that we can load up with oodles of cartoons. Maybe even a TV strike for a few days before hand so she's really itching for some cartoons? God, I don't know! Maybe a stiff drink for me?

Any other ideas?

I am hopeful that the plane ride will be uneventful and that maybe Beanie will be really cute and sweet to all the surrounding passengers. You know, like how she likes to wave and blow kisses to random people in restaurants. I'm hoping for that.

I'm also hoping that since both my sister-in-law and my brother-in-law's girlfriend are pregnant that I can escape some of the personal space invasions of my mother-in-law. Sorry gals, I love ya to death but I'm hoping they are the centers of attention and I can just fly under the radar.

So, HELP! Getting out of this really isn't an option, so getting over the anxiety surrounding it has to be.


  1. Go to bath and body works and get some of the roll on aromatherapy one. They have one that's anti-stress/relaxation. Try not to worry about beanie cuz she'll pick up on that - she's too cute for anyone to get cranky at her for long...and, just a thought, but maybe you guys should take a "field trip" to the airport first so she feels a little more familiar with being in such a huge place

  2. Hey, we still might be able to be there--I'm still working on it (not to add to your stress or anything). Just try to remember it's only a few days, and maybe you'll have fun! And the DVD player is a great idea. Anyway, good luck! Hopefully I'll get to see you guys!

  3. Meeting with you guys would be the highlight of my trip Ann!! Let me know...I know Glenn really wants to head to the aquarium...


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