Friday, June 5, 2009


That's how much we spent on groceries last month. You don't even have to tell me how ridiculous that it because I already know. Sure I take into account that we were moving, flip-flopping back and forth between two houses and had a fridge go out, but STILL!! Over seven hundred bucks for 2 adults and a toddler (who I should mention doesn't really eat that much to begin with). Then add in that we spent almost $500 going out to eat and over $100 getting coffee (add in pastries, sandwiches, whatever) and I almost had a heart attack. And don't forget that I have a fancy pants espresso machine that just needs to be cleaned and a husband that can make a mocha that kicks Starbucks behind any day. Yea. Ridiculous!

So, my goal for June is to cut our grocery bill 1/3 (we'll start there, especially since we need to restock the stupid fridge again). To cut our espresso bill by 2/3. And the eating out thing just has to stop! It needs to be a treat, not something for every day. Or when we don't feel like cooking (almost every day *wink*).

We ended up not getting a new fridge and having a repairman come out and fix the one we have. Saved a lot of money there. Once the temp gets regulated (its taking some tinkering with) then I'll head out to the store and stock up on some good food (we're trying to eat healthier too...and why is it that healthy food costs so much more than crappy processed food???).

So, wish me luck! And share some money saving tips. I really liked the idea from Sandy on this post of planning out our meals. I don't know how you planned for all summer already Sandy, but I think I'll start with planning for a week :)


  1. Well, you're braver than I am, because I'm not even going to add up our grocery bill... Part of my problem is that I go to the grocery store like three times a week! I need to cut back to one big shopping trip a week, which should cut back on a lot of those "impulse" buys (or at least limit them to a couple once a week, instead of a a couple three times a week). We need to work on eating in more as well - it's just so much easier to eat out. Part of our problem is that all three of us often end up eating different things, which is just such a pain. That, and we're bored with our current menu - I need to get us some new recipes and start shopping based on a planned menu.

  2. Yeah, the whole planning for the summer? That lasted about a month. I can't bring myself to turn anything on in the kitchen in this heat! We've been having pancakes and french toast quite often (Scotty's request) OR pasta salad. We need to start eating a little better too...good luck and let me know if you come up with anything that works! My problem is always keeping with the plan. I start out with the best of intentions then I get lazy after a while...Yay for not having to buy a fridge though! I'm crossing my fingers yours is all fixed now. We had to swap out ours shortly after we moved here, thankfully we'd kept our old one in the garage. Still, what a pain!

  3. Sandy, I am right there with you! I ALWAYS have the best plans, its the whole implementation thing where I seem to fail :(

    Kristin, we're in the same rut of eating the same things over & over again. If I find any new yummy recipes I'll post them up!

  4. I tell you what we recently did and it had reduced our bill! We went to a BULK store(sams, bj's, costco) and I bought my meat in bulk, I got like 6 pounds of chicken for 12.00 and 5 pounds of steak tip(really tender) for 13.00. Ok, so when I got home I got out the kitchen scale and weighted out 4oz for an individual portion and 8oz for a both of us. By the time I got it all done(didn't take long) I had like 44 meals and I spent 25 dollars! We have had meat for over a month and I just run out to produce junction 2 times a month to get fruit/veggies and we have our meals. Hope this helps!


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