Thursday, June 25, 2009

"You too Mama."

Seeing that Beanie repeats nearly everything we say, I have been waiting for her to say I love you. Nothing yet. Nothing even close. Until this morning. I said I love you Beanie and she replied You too Mama.

Okay, I realize its not I love you, but my heart totally melted anyway. What a sweetie!


  1. Awww. I say that to Brandon too and I wait for him to say it back. He smiles back at me and giggles every time I say it to him tho. Hope that counts!

    Oh and if we did live closer, I would totally take you up on the offer on photographing your little beanie. I need more test subject!

  2. I'll take a "you too Isss" any day over having her point at me and say "No!" LOL!

  3. Sissy, don't forget the whole shaking of the finger. It wasn't just pointing LOL. Good thing you had chalk in your car!!

  4. Aw.... that is just adorable!!!! I just love hearing "uv u too mama".


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