Friday, June 12, 2009

Just in case you ever considered getting Clearwire for your ISP...


Because they suck. Seriously suck. And, because they rope you in with an early termination clause, you are pretty much stuck with them unless you want to pay it out the behind to cancel your contract.

I mean, seriously Clearwire, how does my fancy pants little modem thing that plugs into a regular ol' electrical outlet (opposed to through your phone or cable line like other internet service providers) go from four strength bars to one to three to absolutely no connectivity while its sitting in the same damn place? Really, how? And you try to pass yourself off as "high speed internet?" Laughable. My dial-up from ten years ago was faster than this!

Its no wonder there's a website devoted to how incredibly horrible you are. And a pending class action lawsuit against you for "false advertising, unfair business practices, and for reimbursement of early termination fees."

You see, back when the only phone calls I got on my residential phone line were from telemarketers (or my mom, who face it could just as easily call my cell phone), Glenn and I decided it would be a good idea to cancel our home phone service. At the time my brother-in-law worked for Clearwire and it seemed like a great option. So we signed up. And signed up for the 2 year contract so we could get the cheaper price or whatever. Well, come to find out my brother-in-law quickly quit Clearwire, probably because they are just as crappy of a company to work for as they are a crappy ISP.

Well, let me tell you I am counting the months until this silly contract is up. Right now we're at the point where we would basically be buying out the rest of our contract to cancel. Not too incredibly bad, but I'm not yet sure its worth it. I guess I could hope to get reimbursed if/when the lawsuit is resolved but I'm not banking on that. For now I'll just tell everyone I know never to get Clearwire for their ISP.

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