Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A new day!

Well, its a new day...a fresh start...what have you.

I set the timer this morning so I just had a 1/2 hour to spend online while I drank my coffee. I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and switched the laundry. Beanie ate a big breakfast. It is a gorgeous day out and we are getting ready to head out for a walk and park playdate with my mom's group. Glenn has tonight off so hopefully he can nap while we're gone and then we can do something fun as a family.

Its a good day already :)


  1. YAY for good days!! I love the idea of using a timer to monitor how much time I spend online!!! :)

  2. A timer is also very helpful for 10 minute tidies. ;)

  3. I need a mommy group! It's this just friends or did you find a group online in your area?

  4. Meagan, I found the group through meetup.com. You can search for parenting or mom's groups in your area. They have groups for everything!

    I signed up for a few different groups until I found one that fit for us. I've made quite a few good friends through the group...I highly recommend trying to find one!


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