Friday, June 19, 2009

The month is halfway over...

...well more than halfway now, but I added up our spending on groceries for the first 15 days of June. I was all jazzed to see the total because we haven't been going to the store every day, have been eating more of what we already had at home, etc etc. Well, I was jazzed until I saw the total. Over $450??!?!?! What the heck! Here I was feeling like we were doing great and we've been bleeding money on the groceries. Sure, I know our fridge went out so we had to restock. The first 15 days also included not one, but two, trips to Costco where we stocked up on things that we will likely (hopefully) use longer than just this month. That's how Costco works, right? At least when you're a family of 3? The first 15 days also included 2 trips to Trader Joes, a store which I love to death, but, let's face it, its impulse shopping central.

So, yea, I about crapped myself when I added it up. Darnit!

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