Thursday, June 11, 2009

She peed on the potty!

And I, her loving mother, have posted it as my facebook status ;) Hey, if they're my "friends" they'll care too, right? And think its totally awesome!

Anyway, this morning Beanie was sort of putting off sitting on the potty. Then I told her we needed to get a new diaper and she said "no." I asked her if she needed to go potty and she replied yes, so we went back into the bathroom. I took off her pj shorts and diaper and she exclaimed "help" as she was trying to take off her shirt (because in case you didn't know, its a prerequisite for Beanie to be entirely naked to be on the so I helped her with that too.

She sat there. I asked her if she wanted a book and, just as I turned around to head out and quickly grab a book, she peed on the potty! Like full-on peed on the potty, no silly little droplets like last time.

I said "Yay! You peed on the potty!" and she said "Yea" in a tone that made me think that if she was ten years older she'd also be rolling her eyes and have her hand on one hip. Like duh mom, what do you think the potty is for?

I've been pretty ambivalent about even really trying with potty training as we are headed to Georgia next month. Diapers just seem a lot easier on a plane, in the car for a long time, at a new house, etc etc. I guess we'll just see how it goes. The trip is only for a few days anyway and she does seem very ready for potty training so I'd hate to put it off just for that, but I don't know. I'm so anxious about this silly trip anyways (I'll write about that later) that adding potty training to the mix just seems more anxiety-producing.

So Yay Beanie for peeing on the potty!! I wish I could tell everyone (oh wait, I just did...on my blog & on


  1. Yeah Beanie! Maybe those pullups are just in time!

  2. Great news - but don't be surprised if she goes back and forth in her willingness to use the potty.

    Yay Alexa!!


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