Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bad Mommy Alert.

a.k.a Beanie peed on the potty and I didn't even notice!!

So, a couple weeks ago Glenn picked up a potty for Beanie. A few nights ago he unpacked it and set it up in the bathroom. For the last couple nights Beanie has shown interest in it and has been sitting on it. No pee pee though. She hasn't shown any interest in the mornings, probably the best time for actually peeing on the potty. That is until today.

This morning when we woke up and I went into the bathroom she took off her diaper and sat on the potty. I thought Yay! We might actually get some pee on the potty as its first thing in the morning. We sat. And sat. And sat. See the thing is Beanie only really wants to stay sitting on her potty if I'm on "Mommy's potty" too. So we sat. And sat some more. She went over and got some of her bath toys from the tub. Then sat on the potty some more. And some more. I thought she looked like she was going to pee pee, but nothing. Then, all of the sudden, she gets up, grabs her diaper and says "all done." I figured better progress than nothing. She actually sat on the potty first thing in the morning and, surely, if we keep up this routine we'll catch a morning pee.

So, fast forward a few hours and I tell her I need to go potty. She follows me into the bathroom and takes off her diaper to sit on her potty. But wait...what do I see??? Two little droplets of pee in the potty. Crap!! She did pee on the potty this morning and I didn't even notice?!?!? WTH! I would've liked to reward her with a sticker, a high five, or (for crap's sake) at least say Yay Beanie!!! You peed on the potty!!! But, what did she get? Nothing. Nada. Nil.

And the bad mommy award goes to...dadadida.....Kristen!!!

Guess we'll try again tomorrow?


  1. Kristen, YAY for Beanie peeing on the potty! I laughed at your story b/c that happened to me a few months ago (when Jack willingly sat on the potty ... now he's deathly afraid of it for god knows what reason :(). Don't feel too bad. It's not like it's a running stream of pee ... it's a couple of drops. :) Next time, you can praise like there's no tomorrow!

  2. Oh, Kristen, I think you can be excused for missing two tiny droplets! Heck, she might not have even realized she went, so she wouldn't have known what all the cheering was about anyway! Better luck next time!


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