Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Damn refrigerators.

Ugh! After we had closed on our house but we were still living at the rental the fridge there went out. Glenn had thought it was having problems and I opened up the freezer to get some chicken nuggets out for Beanie and they were soggy gross yuckyness. I opened the refrigerator door to find that both compartments were at a balmy 53 degrees. Bleh.

I contacted the landlord, but told her not to rush too much (she is currently living in Sweden) because we had starting moving to our new house and we would just keep our food there. It became quite a pain-in-the-ass over time, but, hey, it worked. Glenn and I joked that the nice thing about being in a rental was that you didn't have to replace the fridge when it broke.

Fast forward a couple weeks to now. We are in our house and have been tinkering with both the fridge and freezer temps. They both seem to be off and the wonderful (dripping sarcasm) fridge we currently have doesn't read temps but rather has a number system. The manual says that 9 (it goes from 1-9) is the coldest, however this doesn't concur with the results we've gotten when tinkering with the dial. The freezer is produces rock hard everything at a setting of 1. The fridge we couldn't figure out at all. So yesterday we bought a thermometer and stuck it in the fridge. Came out at a balmy 60 degrees. Sigh. Here we go again. And, for what its worth, the freezer is about at -20 degrees!! Tinkered with the dial some more and decided to head out and buy a new fridge today.

We actually got a screaming deal, but I am still bummed we had to go out and buy an appliance so darn soon. Sure we want to remodel the kitchen someday, we just weren't planning on starting so soon. We did get a nice stainless steel model so when we do finally remodel the kitchen we will already have a really nice fridge.

On the upside, since things have still been a bit hectic around here I really hadn't filled the fridge up yet. We still had to throw a good amount of food out, but nothing like at the rental. Looks like it'll be a big grocery shopping trip on Friday...

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