Monday, November 30, 2009


Hey, that's a pretty good percentage for NaBloWriMo, right?

I'm excited to say I only missed 2 days of blogging this past month. I set out to do something and I (almost) did it. Way better than my previous attempts at the same challenge.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my somewhat boring life. I think I attracted some new readers & hope that my loyal (you know, the like 6 of you) readers enjoyed my increased blogging. I know I found some new blogs that I just love to read now & for that I am grateful. Always fun to find new blogs to read :)

Beanie is being such a sweetheart today. I've been coughing so hard that my eyes tear up. Silly kiddo brings me a tissue and wipes my eyes each time. Gosh, I love her.

I slept a little better last night and, I'm happy to say, Beanie did too. She woke up once calling for me and I went in the room and laid down with her for a little bit. Poor kid, each time I coughed as she was falling asleep she said "Mama, you scared me!" So, luckily (for both of us) she fell back asleep pretty quickly and I went back into the bedroom where I could keep Glenn up (but hopefully not scare him) with my coughing.

I woke up around 7 and saw there was a light on. I thought it was the light from down the hall (because often Glenn leaves a light on while he's trying to balance coffee, breakfast, lunch, and car keys as he goes out the front door at 2am) and turned back over to sleep a little more. It was then I realized that the light was coming from across the hall in Beanie's room. Silly girl had woken up and turned on the light and was just walking around her room. I asked her what she was doing and she said "I don't know," so I don't really know either. I don't think she'd been up that long though. I told her that when she woke up she could come and get Mommy out of Mommy's room because that's what big girls do (well, really big girls could make a bowl of cereal and play a little while Mommy slept in, but I don't think we're at that stage yet LOL).

So, another good night!

I still feel pretty crappy and hope that this sickness passes soon. I don't like this coughing, I'm scaring Beanie, keeping Glenn awake at night and I'm sure Baby 2.0 isn't too jazzed about being jostled around all day either.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. Well, at least the being sick part. Hopefully you start to feel better soon!
    And we all enjoy reading about your life!


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