Monday, November 2, 2009

As if you don't feel guilty enough going through the McD's drive thru for dinner...

...then they put french fries instead of apples in the Happy Meal.

And then your daughter basically just licks ranch off the french fries for dinner.

Maybe has 2 bites of french fry and a little bit of the breading off one chicken nugget.

A balanced meal? Hardly.

And then that means I had to eat all my french fries plus the extra ones Glenn had that he was going to give to Beanie. You know, after she ate her apples. Or at least licked the caramel off the apples.

And they put like ten pounds of mayonaise on the chicken burger I ordered with NO MAYO. Puke.


  1. Um, at least you ordered the apple? Because I am a whimp and will not face the tantrum that will result if we do not get french fries with our chicken. And really, I think the chicken is just a necessary evil, but I can get him to eat it by withholding the french fries - nothing like bribery...

  2. We had McDonald's yesterday. I try to get "healthier" Happy Meal (if there is such a thing).

    I looove their french fries. I am limited to have french fries once a month according to JC.

  3. LOL Kristin! Well, we always order the apple (although I swear she consumes more caramel than apple) and then give her some of our fries. Our, should I say, Glenn gives her some of his fries. Like El, I don't part with my fries too easily ;)

  4. Actually, we usually split nuggets and fries, and pass on the Happy Meal. And I end up eating more of both than I should. Bad habit all around!

  5. Kristin, that's totally what we should do! Especially because we just throw away the piece of crap toy anyways. Its probably cheaper too!


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