Sunday, November 8, 2009

Work day Blahs.

Okay, sorry readers but I am dead beat tired and not much in the mood for blogging, but I can't only make it less than a week though National Blog Writing Month. That would constitute a complete FAIL. So, you can amuse yourself by reading about my work day.

I work once a week now and, let me tell you, I think it was easier on my body to work 40hours a week when I was pregnant with Beanie than to work just 8 right now. Like my body isn't used to it and I just feel like I've taken a big old beating by the end of the day. I can barely walk, my back is killing me, and pretty much every joint in my body aches. And I also feel like a big HUGE whiner because my friend (who is like 35 weeks pregnant) works like a million hours a week and here I am bitching and moaning about my one 8hr day a week. Anyhoo, I really feel like I got hit by a truck (although luckily it is better than last week, maybe because I was in the checkstand all day and not shlepping around crates of milk and cases of soda).

So, sorry I'm not very interesting today. I promise to return to more interesting blogging tomorrow.

Oh, and special thanks to Dr. Eva who left my first spam comment on my blog! I hope you didn't click on her linky for Tamiflu....yea lets make sure and stockpile that stuff ;)

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