Friday, November 27, 2009

And so it begins.

The next four months of telling my mother-in-law "NO!!!"

Apparently yesterday during the Thanksgiving courtesy call the as-of-yet-planned spring visit by my inlaws was discussed with Glenn. You see, they're planning on doing the two-for-one trip next spring and seeing Baby 2.0 and my brother-in-law's new daughter as well. I've said it before, but I'm much more in favor of the one-for-one trip which would include a trip up here next month to visit the new granddaughter and no springtime trip to visit Baby 2.0.

Well, apparently yesterday mother-in-law asked Glenn is there was somewhere they could stay here. And, if you're thinking "Yea, a Best Western" you're on the same wavelength as I am. But, you see, by "here" she meant here, as in in our home. To which Glenn replied that there was if she could get Beanie to share her bed. Mother-in-law laughed and said, "Well, is there?" You see, my mother-in-law isn't the best at taking hints. I can think of about a bazillion-and-one reasons my inlaws shouldn't (and I should add couldn't and WON'T) be staying here, but first and foremost is the fact that my mother-in-law drives me bat shit crazy.

I love ya, Glenn's mama, but I love you even more now that you're living all the way across the country.

You see, my mother-in-law has no concept whatsoever of personal space. Like ever. Like even when she's staying at a hotel across town. Like somehow she manages to invade my personal space living all the way across the country. I cannot imagine what it would be like it she were staying here. I think it would entail Beanie, Baby 2.0 and I going to a hotel.

And a huge hurdle is the fact that we don't have a spare bedroom. Or, as Glenn so kindly pointed out we do. But it's called the playroom and is full of toys! And no bed. So, I think I win. It's not a bedroom and isn't functional as one at all.

And the fact of the matter is I don't want anyone coming to town until a month or so after Baby 2.0's due date. By that time I am hoping that we'll sort of be settled into life as a family of four and that Beanie will be (somewhat) adjusted to having her baby brother in the house all day every day. And I don't really want to mess up with my hopefully somewhat harmonious routine by having people stay with us. Especially my personal space invading mother-in-law.

Plus, let's not forget that I'm a pretty hormonal chick. Add in being pregnant or post-partum and I'm kinda (admittedly) nutballs sometimes. Add in trying to have my daughter adjust to being a big sister and having to share mommy and daddy and I'm pretty sure the first few months are going to be relatively difficult. And I'm pretty much a stress case around any and all family so I'd just rather not add that into my already super hormonal equation.

So, the answer is no. Glenn and I have always agreed on this. No one stays with us. My sister-in-law did for a couple days over the summer and, while it went relatively well, it only cemented the fact in my mind that I HATE sharing my space.

But, the problem is, Glenn feels like he's going to piss someone off either way. I told him I am more than happy to be the "bad guy" and let his mom know that there isn't a chance they are staying with us. Okay, I'd do it with a little more tact, but you get the picture. It isn't happening.

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  1. All your points are valid so she should not take it personal. It is important that you all settle in as a family. I would just be straight up - and give her a list of hotels that are around the other baby. ;)


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