Thursday, November 12, 2009

Its days like today....

...that I wonder what the hell I am thinking becoming a mom of two.

Seriously, I love my daughter (more than I can probably even explain), but today she is really testing my limits and I seem to have a short string anyways today. So, she's watching Dora and eating a pita pizza and I'm sitting here blogging. Because, if not, I'm going to lose it.

Hubby decided to head out on a short hike and take some pictures today. I'm glad he did...he is on vacation after all and really needs some time to escape and remember who HE is, you know besides dad, husband, bread man. At the same time I'm glad he went I am going crazy wondering who I am and wondering when I'll get a little time to myself to go do something that makes me feel like ME and not mama, wife, baby-baker, etc.

So Beanie and I run out to Old Navy (and by run, I mean hop up in the car and shlep ourselves down the freeway to the ON that actually carried maternity clothes) because the very first time I wore my full panel maternity jeans the seam to the panel ripped out. I mean, don't get me wrong, I know ON clothes are pretty cheap and, in turn, cheaply made but I'm not made of money and not about to spend an arm & a leg on some clothes that I'm going to wear for nine months (okay, probably at least ten because you know there's that awkward stage after you give birth where nothing fits either). But, anyways, even though I know I bought cheaply made ON maternity jeans I still expect them to last nine freaking months. So, we're off to exchange them. Of course I didn't have my receipt. Then the lady accuses me of cutting out one of the tags because she can't find the style number. Um, I didn't cut out any tags lady. I wore them and they fricking tore. I don't even want money, I just want a new pair of jeans because I have like no clothes that fit right now. So she takes forever and then finally goes and grabs another pair off the shelf and returns them that way. But, of course, by this time Beanie wants to read the books (i.e., credit card applications) on the counter and wants to pull the pens out of their little bucket and draw on who knows what. So finally we can go shop. I end up getting a pair of non full panel jeans (because, to be honest, the full panel really drives me nuts!!) since the lady didn't do a straight exchange and also find a pair of corderoys and some jeans for Beanie.

Misson #1 accomplished.

There's a Jamba Juice in the mall we went to so I told Beanie she could have a smoothie. Well, for some reasons its totally runny and Beanie keeps tipping the cup so she can't really get any smoothie from the straw, but can manage to spill it all over her coat. So I try to help her. "I don't need any help Mommy!!! I do it!!!" Of course. I try to help again. No luck. But she's super pissed that she can't get any smoothie out. Meltdown.

Against my better judgement we also hit up Target because we really needed some Kashi bars (and by "we really needed" I mean Beanie really wants Kashi bars like every day). After the meltdown I knelt down to her level and asked her if she wanted to go home or if we should stop and get Kashi bars. Of course, she wanted to get Kashi bars. So we sort of meandered around Target (ding! ding! ding! mistake made here) because I'm also on the lookout for a maternity coat (again not willing to spend a ton of money) so I don't freeze my butt off this winter. We sidetracked to the kiddo department because I really want to buy something boy-ish (although I am waiting until Hubby can go buy with us tomorrow!) and also because Beanie needs a hat. Meltdown. So I entice her with a quick trip through the Christmas section. Fun. And we (finally) get our Kashi bars.

She falls asleep for about 15min on the way home. She was out. Like I really thought she would go back to sleep at home and I could take a nap too. Yea, no nap. And I am so frustrated with her and her no napness. And I'm tired. And waiting for Hubby to get home so maybe I can go take a pee without an audience at least once today.

And, I'm supposed to do all this with a toddler and a newborn????? *sigh*


  1. I totally feel for you. The audience in the bathroom, meltdowns in the stores..all of it.

    Two of mine were only 17 months apart. I had a carseat and a playpen in the bathroom just so I could take a shower.

    The good news...18 years later, I'm still (almost) sane.

  2. Whatcha doing Saturday? Maybe Glennard and Alexa can have a daddy's girl day and you and I can go out and do some shopping without the help of a 2-year old :) If your belly wasn't so big I'd say we should finally go get those massages but I think you'd roll off the table hee hee!


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