Sunday, November 29, 2009

Still sick.

So, no surprise, but I don't really feel like blogging tonight. But, I do want to finish off NaBloWriMo with only two misses so this'll be short and sweet.

I didn't sleep last night. At all. Apparently Sudafed & Robitussin have nothing on this cold. I did, however, sleep off and on most of the day. I got up a couple times to eat, but mostly slept until about 2:oo this afternoon.

And I've really, really wanted some Gatorade. See, I'm drinking about half as much fluid as I usually do and I can tell that isn't helping anything. So, when Glenn and Beanie headed out to the store to pick up some dinner stuff I asked him to get some Gatorade too.

He forgot. And I bawled my eyes out for like twenty minutes. And then he went to the store (again) to get me some Gatorade. I love my hubby.

Feeling a little better this evening, but I'm not holding out much hope for sleep tonight. Seems like as soon as I lay down on the bed I am congested as all get out and unable to rest for anything. We'll see though.

On the upside, one of us did get sleep last night. I put Beanie down for bed just after 8 last night and snuck out of her room around 8:30. She slept in her bed by herself without waking and calling for mommy until 6:45 this morning. And, I will admit that at about 6:15 I poked around in her bedroom to make sure she was really sleeping and not, I don't know, suffering or something. Gosh, I'm hoping this is a small victory on our way to independent sleep. We'll see how it goes tonight. Lord knows it's a good thing she slept by herself last night because no one was getting any sleep with me!

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