Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cut the small talk lady, I'm here for the candy.

So, fortunately (for my blogging) or unfortunately (as I may be looking at it as I drag my tired butt through and 8 hour work day), an evening filled of trick or treating and a later bedtime did nothing for Beanie (or me, in turn!) getting an extra hour of sleep. But, it does mean that I was up at the ungodly hour of 5am (did I really used to start work at 4:30?? yuck!) and am ready to start off my quest to blog every day in November on the right foot. Because, let's face it, after an 8 hour shift at the grocery store I probably wouldn't have much fun to say.

We took Beanie trick or treating last night. Since we're in a nice little neighborhood now, we just took her around here. I know, UNSAFE right? Well, I feel pretty safe so forget about it. We, as Glenn (or was it Aunt Yissy?) said "trick or treated old school." Beanie was pretty much sold after the first house. We knocked on the door and I reminded her to say trick or treat. She did (!) and was rewarded with handfuls of candy from our next door neighbor. As we walked away she said "Go knock on another door!" She was ready. We went around our cul de sac and got rained on a little so stopped back at the house for some coats. Of course, as soon as we coated up the rain stopped. Oh well. We walked over to a friend's house and then stopped at some houses on the way back home.

We stopped at one particular house that had really cool decorations. Let's face it, we mostly stopped because Glenn oogles over their lawn every time we drive by. Seriously, they have a gorgeous yard. Anyway, they also had really cool Halloween decorations. Beanie walked up to the door where a nice older lady was standing waiting for her with a bowl of candy. The lady knelt down and commented what a cute little bumblebee Beanie was. She was asking "What do bumblebees say? Do they say 'buzz buzz?'" when Beanie, without so much as a "trick or treat," reached into the bowl, grabbed a handful of candy & turned to go. It was hilarious...she knows what Halloween is for! As Glenn said, "this costume is just my cute ploy to get lots of candy." Ain't that the truth!

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  1. I think my favorite might have been the "Some for mom and dad?"...we need to teach her to say that at every door!


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