Monday, November 9, 2009

Sayonara Clearwire.

I've posted before about just how much Clearwire internet service really sucks. I mean its bad. Like it doesn't work in the rain. Hello?!?!?! It was developed in the Pacific Northwest. Or it goes from 5 bars of connectivity to 3 to 1 to no conncetion at all sitting in the exact. same. spot. Its ridiculous and makes trying to get online a tad bit (okay, a lot a bit) frustrating most of the time.

But, good news to all those who worry about my ability to gain internet access easily. Our contract with Clearwire is up next month so we have called a competitor (one who, you know, can actually get us online with regularity) and are having them come out and get us all set up. I cannot tell you how damn excited I am. Why, you ask, did we wait till our contract was up and put up with the ridiculousness that is known as Clearwire? Well, its quite simple really...I was not about to pay the cancellation fee for our contract so we just sat it out and not so patiently waited for our contract to be up.

I can't wait to go turn in that dumb Clearwire modem. I'd like to run it over with my car first so they can't try to pawn the thing off on some unsuspecting customer who maybe hasn't heard how much they suck. Because they suck, like incredibly. Don't ever sign up with them. Don't let your friends sign up with them. They're getting sued for false advertising and their horrible cancellation policy (like if you move and their service no longer works at your new home its up to you to find someone who is dumb enough to buy your modem and contract from you). I hope they lose (big time) and that all the customers who did pay that outrageous cancellation fee get their money back.

I hope my brother-in-law (who used to work for them) gets the thousands of dollars they owe him in wages and commission.

They're horrible. I could go on longer, but, you know what, its raining so I'm probably about to get kicked off line in like t minus three seconds.

Sayonara Clearwire!!! You will not be missed!

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