Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix

I've mentioned before that one of my favorite things about Glenn actually having a day off is having a big breakfast together as a family. Well, Glenn didn't have today off -- he had to work a few hours this morning, but he was home in time for breakfast.

We made pancakes. Again. Beanie loves making pancakes. The kid would eat pancakes every morning for breakfast if she could. We had blueberry pancakes on Wednesday which was my first try with the Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix. It was great! I had tried another brand of GF pancake mix before (it may or may not have been from Trader Joes *wink wink*) and I didn't really care for it. I'll admit, then I was also not having eggs so I used bananas in place of the eggs in the TJ's mix. They were, um, edible. I guess.

The Bob's Red Mill ones are great. They look like real pancakes. With a good dousing of syrup they even (pretty much) taste like real pancakes. The mix is gluten free and dairy free. It calls for 3/4c of milk (any kind -- I use rice milk),1 egg, and a Tbsp of oil (I use canola oil) added in to 1 1/2c of the mix. Both times I've made the pancakes I've used quite a bit more milk. The first batch I made, I made two pancakes after adding just a splash extra of milk. They were pretty gritty in my opinion. I made the rest of the batch after adding in more rice milk and they were delicious! Today I added in even more milk and they were really good. I probably had to add even more milk today because, oops, I had run out of rice milk and so I had the mix sitting there with the egg, the oil, and a tiny bit of rice milk in it while Glenn ran to the store to pick me up some more milk. Great hubby!

I'm so glad that I can have good pancakes again. I was thinking of playing around and making my own from scratch (it's probably cheaper, right?) but the Bob's Red Mill ones are so good I may not even bother!

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  1. I always hear gluten free pancakes, I'm not so sure what it's for though. My kids love pancakes and it is definitely a part of our morning rituals. So I really look up for different pancake recipes to make sure they don't get bored with their breakfast. I think it's about time I try one of these gluten free pancake recipes, hopefully the kids will like it.


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