Saturday, July 10, 2010

Elimination Diet: Reintroducing Shellfish

On Thursday night we made prawn skewers for dinner. I marinated the prawns (well, my prawns) in the Annie's Italian dressing. I marinated the rest in regular old Italian dressing. They were really yummy. I served them over a bed of brown rice. I totally meant to take a picture, but I forgot.

I am admittedly a bit frustrated with the elimination diet. I feel like there's nothing in the house I can eat unless I go out and spend a ton of money at the specialty stores. I waffle between feeling that way and being adventuresome trying new foods. Bubby is still a bit fussier than he was before I reintroduced wheat. It's also been very hot out (well, hot for the Pacific Northwest) and I do believe he is teething. His diapers have been a bit on the yucky side -- sometimes way more so than others.

I guess I'm just frustrated that when I re-eliminated the wheat that he didn't go back to how he was before. I'm sure it may take a bit to get out of my system, but it's been a week so I was hoping for more I guess. I just want him to be a little happy camper again.

I would like to reintroduce another thing in the next day or so, but with his diapers being so yucky still I wonder how I'll notice the difference. I wondered if it was all in my head about the wheat, but Glenn said he notices that Bubby is definitely doing better now. He said, just like I had noticed, that it didn't seem that the wheat bothered him right away, but rather that it was like a build-up over those couple days and Bubby got progressively worse. Good to know it wasn't all in my head -- I'd definitely wondered with him still doing so poorly this week. It does seem though that within the last couple days that he is only fussy when tired, so that is a marked improvement again.

Next on the list to reintroduce is eggs or peanuts. I wasn't surprised that the shellfish did not pose a problem. I've always assumed that the problem allergens were things I consumed often. While I had shellfish here and there before I started the elimination diet, it wasn't a regular menu item, that's for sure.

I have a few products we've tried that I've been meaning to review...hopefully I'll get around to it soon!


  1. I vote eggs. Omelettes, Scrambled Eggs, Eggs Benedict, Hardboiled...that's a lot more choices than just peanuts :)

  2. Boo no eggs Benedict bc I can't have the English muffin or holondaise sauce. Waaaah.

    But it is likely to be eggs....


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