Monday, July 26, 2010

Elimination Diet: Reintroducing Dairy

Yesterday I reintroduced dairy. Admittedly I was a bit reluctant with this reintroduction. Bubby did show improvement when I had eliminated only dairy very early on. Some improvement. However, I'm not really sure if my wheat consumption was also lower during that time. Now that we are pretty sure he has a wheat intolerance I do feel it's worth it to give the dairy a try for a few days and see where it brings us. I originally thought we might wait a bit, but Bubby has his four month well check on Thursday and I would like to have an idea of what's going on before we got and meet with the pediatrician. It will be helpful to know if we're dealing with a wheat intolerance or a likely wheat and dairy intolerance.

We went to Whole Foods on Friday on the hunt for some Udi's or Kinnikinnick (say that five times fast) gluten--free hamburger buns. We didn't find either, but did find that they had their Udi's products on sale (I'll save my reviews of those for a separate post).

I've been thinking about the reintroduction of dairy and there were a few things on my list I really wanted to have considering the possibility that I may only be consuming dairy for a day or two. On the top of the list? Pizza. There's a local pizza joint that has quite a few gluten-free and vegan items on their menu. We usually get "normal" pizza there, but a ways back we had gone with my friend who was gluten-free and she said their pizza crust was really good. So last night we totally blew our food budget and ordered out once again (July's been a bad month for the dining out budget with my birthday, hot weather and long days).

The pizza was delicious! It was small but I *gasp* ate the whole thing. Glenn also picked up a  WOW chocolate chip cookie which was probably one of the best cookies I've ever had gluten-free or otherwise.

Needless to say, I ate way too much food.

Bubby seems to be doing well so far. We'll see what the next 24 hours or so bring.


  1. Hope he does well with dairy!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you BOTH!

  2. Hope it goes well! Pizza is one of the few foods with dairy I still eat!

  3. Moira also showed a slight improvement when we took dairy out of her diet, but then the actual problem turned out to be wheat. I hope that he does well with dairy!


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