Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Elimination Diet: Reintroducing Eggs

***It was yummier than it looks. LOL***

On Sunday morning I reintroduced eggs. Glenn made a yummy scramble with eggs, potatoes, ham, peppers & onions. He added cheese to his & Beanie's after he scooped mine out. It was so yummy!! One of my favorite things about Glenn's days off (not that he's been having many of those lately) is eating breakfast as a family.

On Monday I made an omelet with peppers and onions. It was really good too.

So far so good with the eggs. Bubby is showing no signs of difficulty with me eating  them. I'm pleased to say that my happy baby is back. He was doing so well before I reintroduced the wheat and it seemed to take him awhile to get back to his new normal after the tough time with the wheat. Thing seem to be much better again though and he's only normal baby fussy.

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  1. Yeah! Glad you went with my vote of eggs :)


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