Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Misson Complete.

Well, almost.

I was all set writing this post in my head last night and then, of course, this morning Beanie had an accident.

We are (pretty much) full-on potty trained. After a bit of regression after Bubby was born, Beanie has now been in undies 24/7 for the last month or so. We bought one pack of Pull-Ups but then decided they were really a waste -- Beanie had been dry in her diapers overnight 99.9% of the time and my only reservation was the fact that if she had an accident I'd be dealing with that and a newborn in the middle of the night. So, we tried the Pull-Ups. Again, almost always they were dry. So, we took the plunge and put her in underwear at night.

She didn't have an accident.

Not once.

This morning I was super tired and she got up out of bed to go potty. I laid there with Bubby waiting to hear, "Mommy, I'm all done." Instead I hear, "Mommy, I had an accident."

I moved Bubby cross-wise on the bed and went to help her clean up. She had almost made it to the potty, her pants and undies were around her ankles and she was very upset that they were wet. I reassured her it was okay, it was just an accident, and asked if she had more pee for the potty. She did. Then I took her in the shower and rinsed her off.

Just a kink in things, but I definitely still consider the potty training mission complete.


  1. Definitely! Heck, even grown ups have accidents sometimes ;)


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