Thursday, July 1, 2010

PhD in Parenting: I won't ask you why you didn't breastfeed

I've found a few new blogs I really like. A while back my mom's group had a discussion about who they "like" on Facebook. I've always been a fan of Kellymom on facebook (look them up -- she posts awesome links!) but have since added a few more. Mothering, NPR, Scientific American, my local LLL (I went to my first meeting ever today -- yes, this crunchy mama really had never been to a LLL meeting).

One of my new favorites is PhD in Parenting.

This great entry was linked by Kellymom on facebook today. I tried to "share" from the site, but I must've done something wrong. Oops. Here's the link:

I won't ask you why you didn't breastfeed

Okay, more later but I'm typing one-handed right now while singing/chatting to Beanie while she falls asleep. Too much multi-tasking ;)

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