Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Answer.

I wish somehow it was easy to get an answer to what was going on with Bubby. He's been pretty colicky again lately (nothing like he was before, but he goes from 0-60 on the upset scale in 0.1 seconds). It breaks my heart to see him in pain...and he is, we can tell. He's been so happy and giggly some of the time and then he'll just be so uncomfortable and cranky and, like I said, it absolutely breaks my heart.

This Friday will be three weeks completely dairy free (down to the sodium caseinate in my non-dairy creamer). I haven't had too much soy, although I will admit we decided not to be too strict with the soybean oils and etc that are in just about everything. But, I've been watching closely and, really, haven't been eating much of that processed crap anyways.

Today he has a horrible red ring (what I would think an allergy ring would be) around his bum. He's been super upset before he has a dirty diaper. And, then there are the times when he's just as happy as could be.

I'm starting to be convinced he has an allergy to something. I'm just not sure I'm eliminating the proper foods. I'm thinking I may have to buck up and go for the gold and eliminate all of the most common allergens -- eggs, wheat, soy, dairy, peanuts, treenuts and shell fish. I feel a bit guilty saying that the thought of eliminating all those foods makes me a little nervous. That's a lot of different things. I would probably only have to go about a week to ten days without all of them and then start adding things back in to see how he does. At least, that's what I've been gathering from the reading I've been doing.

Sigh. I wish he could just tell me what was bothering him, if he has an allergy/intolerance or what not, or if he's just a gassy baby that doesn't like it much.

I just want my smiley, happy Bubby to be that way all the time.


  1. Very familiar with the allergy ring :-( Ethan still gets fussy right before he poos something he's allergic to. Do you have any food allergies on either side of the family? That might help you track it down. Also consider eliminating citrus. Just what you want to hear - something else to eliminate!

  2. Hmmm. You know what, I have been drinking calcium fortified OJ the last few days or so. It's gone now....I'll have to see how he does. I hadn't really been having any citrus before.

    Neither of us have food allergies.


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