Friday, June 18, 2010

Canada -- you know, where the candy is.

Sorry for the horrible quality of the picture.

When the inlaws were in town, I found this place mat at Whole Foods. They're made by Crocodile Creek; they have a ton of different ones to choose from. In fact, we got her one of the solar system for her birthday. When the inlaws were in town we talked about how they were from Georgia and took a long plane ride to come visit us in Washington.

At dinner we talk about the different states and this and that. She wants to know who lives where. She knows that Grandma and Grandpa J are in Georgia and knows she has grandparents in Idaho and Montana ("Ontana" to Beanie) too. She know that Glenn lived in New Mexico for a short time when he was little and always talks about how he left the door open there (there's a picture of a pueblo with no door I think). Today she wanted to know who was in Texas and I told her that her cousin lived there. Then she pointed to California and said, "And Auntie Nee lives here." Glenn and I both looked at each other in shock. I asked if he had told her that and he said he hadn't. Neither had I. Then Beanie piped up and said, "Grandpa told me." The things she picks up on and remembers really amaze me. She is so smart.

She pointed at Canada and asked who lived there. I told her that was a country, Canada, and tried to think of someone who she knew that lived there. She said, "Oh, they have candy there." You know, in Candy-da. lol.

Now I just need to find someone who lives in each of the fifty states so I am prepared when she asks.


  1. I call South Carolina!!!

    We love the puzzles that that company puts out in the little suitcases. We have a ton of them.

  2. Love it! I got Eva a magnetic U.S. map puzzle last Christmas and she loves it and quickly learned a bunch of state names and she remembers who lives where too. :) She has mastered putting the states in all the right spots too.

  3. Can I claim Louisiana? :-)


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