Thursday, June 24, 2010

There Goes My Hair.

You know when you're pregnant and your hair is all thick and pretty. It grows fast and doesn't fall out.

Well, yea, now I'm at that post-partum stage where your hair comes out in huge clumps in the shower.

If I don't have the baby with me someone might guess I'm expecting this winter.

Nothing really fits right. Either the maternity stuff or the regular stuff.

But, you know what. I'm working on accepting this new me. It's hard, but this is me right now. Balding with about one pair of pants and two shirts that fit.

And the other day when I was wearing a maternity shirt from when I was pregnant with Beanie, a pair of jean capris (which were the second pair of pants I had on that day because I decided the first just looked way too awful), wet hair thrown back in a ponytail and absolutely no make-up on, Glenn came up to me and said, "you look nice."

My response? "Really?"

And that one comment absolutely unequivocally made my day.

I then proceeded to explain that I was wearing a maternity shirt. Glenn said he didn't care, that he liked it and it looked good.

I guess I should just learn to take a compliment.


  1. ♥ gotta love our husbands :) (most of the time heheh)

  2. That "in-between" stage is no fun, but I think our husbands are probably right and we don't look as bad as we think! I think you look fantastic :)

  3. Ooh I am so sick of losing hair.


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