Friday, June 11, 2010

What were we thinking?

As we put the kiddos back into the car I looked at Glenn and said, "This is definitely blog worthy." He replied, 'It's definitely something worthy."


Yesterday morning I texted Glenn and asked if he was okay with tacos or taco salads for dinner. See, we were really tight on money for the week, so I was trying to put off grocery shopping until pay day. We had everything for tacos, minus enough tortillas, so we decided on taco salads.

I was in a bum mood yesterday. A few things happened (more on that later) that propelled my mood into an even more sour place. We had an appointment for the cable guy to come sometime between 4 and 6pm. Luckily he was here just before four as Glenn is usually heading to bed at 6. Luckily we were able to hear the knock over Bubby's inconsolable cries. I let the cable guy in, tied up the Moby, and Bubby was out in record time.

So, the cable guy leaves and Glenn asks if he should brown the meat. I ask if it's bad if I feel like just going to get something. He said, like what? and I replied I didn't know. He said, how can you want to go out if you don't know what you want? We decided on teriyaki because I could pop out of the car and pick up some grapefruit seed extract at the vitamin store on the way home. Much easier than lugging both kids there after he went to bed.

Bubby had just calmed down and fallen asleep in the Moby. Beanie was in rare (or, lately, not so rare) form and just being silly, loud, & not listening. That should've been our first indication we should just eat at home.

Add in the fact that we are really trying to stick to a budget and not go out to eat and that we already used our "one meal out" for breakfast on Sunday and we really should've known better. I, coined the master manipulator, said maybe we should have one breakfast out and one dinner out. Glenn rolled his eyes.

So, we get Bubby out of the Moby and into his infant carrier. Beanie goes potty, puts on her shoes, and we head out the door. Bubby is upset the moment he's out of the Moby, but calms down once we pick up the carseat. Although, obviously, I would never ever ever do this, I often think it would be a whole lot easier if I could just baby wear in the car. Maybe I should start taking the bus?

Glenn starts driving and Bubby is screaming bloody murder. Like the scream that makes you anxious the second it starts. Beanie fell asleep. Like eyes rolled to the back of her head asleep. While he's screaming so loud I can't even think. Glenn tries to wake Beanie up but that just isn't happening. She is o-u-t OUT. I say, let's just let her sleep till we get there.

So we did.

As we pull in the parking lot, I suggest just getting the food to go. Glenn thinks Bubby may calm down once we get him out of the car. That does happen a lot. And he did. For about two minutes. Glenn gets Beanie out of the car and, swear to god, he sets her down to walk across the parking lot and she is literally falling back asleep as she's walking. He picks her back up and she's down for the count immediately.

As we walk in the restaurant, Bubby starts losing it again. I take him outside and swing the carseat back and forth to see if he'll calm down. Sometimes that does the trick. I walk back in and ask Glenn if he got the food to go and, yes, he did. As I carry the car seat around Bubby sort of calms down, but he's waffling between crashing out asleep and totally losing his marbles. Glenn tries to wake Beanie (again -- it was 5 o'clock, no time for naps!) and sets her in the chair next to him. Her head rolled back. It was pretty obvious there was no waking her up. She was in that limp, I'm totally out I could sleep for a couple hours state of sleep.

Bubby falls asleep as we walk back out to the car. He stays asleep until we stop at the vitamin store and then, when I come back out, he's screaming again. Beanie is still sleeping through all of this. It amazes me how she can sleep through his very worst crying.

Beanie wakes up when we get back home. I immediately tie the Moby back on and snuggle Bubby. She eats her dinner like a champ. I eat dinner standing up bouncing back and forth to keep Bubby happy.

What were we thinking when we thought going out to get something to eat would be the easier option????

I guess karma got me for not sticking to our plan.

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