Friday, June 11, 2010


Yesterday two things became apparent to me. Two things that could explain the recent increase in Bubby's colicky behavior.

#1. The bread I have been eating for almost the last week contained dairy. Damn. I was being SO careful. Or so I thought. I had been reading every label on everything we bought. We have been eating Dave's Killer Bread which is awesome. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it. It's pretty expensive at the grocery store ($5.99 a loaf around here), but you can get two loaves for $6.99 at Costco here. Beanie eats it too -- no fake white wheat bread for this kiddo. Anyhoo, Glenn has been working a route closer to home for the last three weeks. He gets free bread there so he brought some home. Apparently I forgot to check that label because yesterday, after I had decided to keep a food journal for a few days & track the highest allergens and how Bubby reacted, I read the bread label looking for gluten, soy, and etc. Imagine my surprise when I saw

Butter (Milk).

Damnit. I was pretty ticked at first. I felt really bad. Guilty. Here I had thought I was doing such a great job and for the last 5 days I'd unknowingly been consuming dairy. I was having toast for breakfast and often a sandwich for lunch. Not an overload of bread. But still. I was consuming dairy.


Glenn made the point when he got home that maybe it sucked that I had unknowingly reintroduced dairy into my diet that maybe it was good to know that it really could be making a difference. Thank goodness for Glenn looking at the glass as half full.

#2. Our thrush came back. Or, more likely, never left. My nipple had been a bit itchy and pink (sorry tmi), but I hadn't seen anything in Bubby's mouth. Until yesterday afternoon. It's all up under his upper lip. Definitely more than the little spot he had last time.

Double Boo.

We're going the grapefruit seed extract route this time. I've heard many people say how well it works and it's a lot less messy than Genetian Violet. I stopped at the vitamin store yesterday evening. I still need to get some distilled water, but decided starting it with our filtered water last night was better than nothing. I'm following the instructions from this article.

Wish us luck. I've heard time and again what a pain it is to get rid of thrush. I'm hoping this will be the last time we have to deal with it.

I also talked to a mom at Beanie's art class yesterday who is also dairy and soy free. (I now think that is going to be my next step). She gave me lots of great tips and ideas, but I'll have to share those later because Beanie & Bubby are getting their pictures taken today. Sssshh...don't tell Glenn -- it's a surprise.

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