Thursday, June 24, 2010

Elimination Diet: Days 11 & 12

Only two more days to go until we start reintroducing. I am really excited to start reintroducing. I guess the excitement may be short-lived if the culprit doesn't make itself easily known. I really hope that we just get some clear signs as to what it is that is bothering Bubby's tummy.

Last night I told Glenn I felt like a steak. If you know me much at all, you'd know that is really weird. I am so sick of chicken! I mean, it's good and all but I've been eating a ton. It was on sale buy-one-get-one at the store last week so, not only was it diet friendly, it was budget friendly. If anything, eating differently has caused us to spend a bit more money on food. That's why I've been trying to stick with fresh stuff and stuff that's on sale.

I didn't have a steak, but we did get some nitrate-free all-beef dinner dogs at the store. I had mine sans bun, just like Beanie.

The rest of my meals were pretty much the usual. Oatmeal for breakfast, chicken and something for lunch. We went to the co-op yesterday to get the ingredients for the muffins. I tried to pick up some of the Zing bars too, but they were sold out. The lady said they couldn't get them in, that they've been trying to order six cases at a time and zilch. So, we went across the street and I picked up a few more. They have been really good for snacks.

Gotta run to the regular grocer for a few more things for the muffins and then plan to make them before it gets too warm out. I'll post up about those later.

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  1. I know what you mean about spending more money on food. We're working on going localvore/free range for fresh food and it's HARD to pass up the .99 sour cream in favor of the organic, etc.

    I have a big post about that when I can type two-handed.


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