Monday, June 14, 2010

The festivities.

Beanie will be turning three in 2 weeks. Yes, three!!! Where the heck did the time go? Bubby is three months old today and my little (big) girl will be three in less than two weeks.

We're going to the party store today to let her pick out some stuff. She is dead set on having birthday hats. It's so cute. Last year she was excited for her friends to come over and play and all, but this year she is over-the-moon excited about it being her birthday and having a party and this and that. I'd have to say birthdays are about her favorite thing ever. It's at least once a day where she wants Glenn or I to blow out the imaginary candles, eat our imaginary cake and open our imaginary present. She's awesome.

I really wanted to do a Super Why theme for her birthday, but since it's PBS there aren't really things out there to buy. Bummer. I'm not really into a whole lot of the Disney or Nick shows. Oh well, we'll see what we can find at the store.

We are also having her party a week early because my dad, stepmom and sister are all going to be out of town the weekend of her birthday. No biggie I guess, but now a bunch of her friends can't come. Or her cousin. Boo. Kinda sucks. I am hosting a park playdate with our mom's group the next Friday so she'll get to see a bunch of her friends then. I'm going to make cupcakes or muffins or something for that.

Eek. I can't believe my baby girl is going to be three. We were just looking at pictures of her from last summer and she is so much bigger! She looks so different. I can't believe it. Time sure does fly when you're a mom.


  1. Seriously, where HAS the time gone??

    Birthday parties are a big thing here, too, and whenever I talk about the theme for this year, the response focuses on "will we have party hats??" I have NO idea where this comes from, but I guess I'd better get hats on the list!!

  2. I'm going to have the same problem with Ethan's party... His current favorite is dirtgirlworld (not a girly show though!) and it just started playing in the US 1 1/2 months ago on PBS Sprout. It was originally released overseas only last year. Wanna guess how much party stuff I can find?! So I'm taking the concepts (bugs, leaves, plants, etc) and focusing on them. Then I'll print some graphics from the show and make a banner with them (like I did last year for his Caillou party).


  4. I've seen that Super Why birthday blog post. I thought about making everything, but I'm just not up to it. I like her ideas for games though!


    color sheets

    You could have the actual decorations be large letters - alphabet theme - party supply or teacher-type store would have them...


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