Friday, June 18, 2010

Elimination Diet: Day 7

I was just going to lump today & tomorrow together, but we are having Beanie's 3rd bday party tomorrow so I'd better do it separately.

Today wasn't too exciting. I tried rice milk last night & had some on Rice Krispies with blueberries for breakfast today. I baked a couple chicken breasts this morning so I'd have something for lunch. Had the chicken & rice for lunch.

We sort of had a kink in our day as we found a leak in our water pipes (luckily out in the yard towards the street and not under the house). Between that, getting ready for the party & errands dinner was sort of on the fly. Glenn & Beanie had BBQ hamburgers and I had some BBQ Chicken. I had some veggies and some of the Kettle Chips I picked up for the party. You have to look close, but quite a few chips have sunflower or safflower oil instead of soybean oil.

I found another interesting food blog. I actually happened upon it because Kellymom had posted a link on Facebook to her review of the Moby. Let's just say the review was spot on and I definitely want to take some time & look at her blog more. Here's the link:

Accustomed Chaos

And, totally unrelated but the RSVP's for Beanie's party are dropping like flies. Her BFF & her little sis are sick, another friend and her daughter can't make it. I know hindsight is 20/20, but the fact that so many of her friends couldn't come this weekend anyways.....I kinda wish we hadn't pushed it up to accommodate family member's schedules. Ah, such is life. I just want her to have a good time & am bummed not too many of her friends will be able to come. Feel better soon K & K. I guess it'll just make the time spent with those who are there all the more exciting.....

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