Thursday, June 24, 2010

Elimination Diet: Day 13

Meals weren't too incredibly exciting today, but I did have something for dinner I've never tried before. A burger sans bun. Glenn had the idea to BBQ hamburgers for dinner and the thought of having a burger without a bun just wasn't appealing to me. But then I said maybe we could get some iceberg lettuce (I usually go for something greener like green leaf or red leaf) and then I could wrap my burger with the lettuce. It actually was really good! In fact, my eyes & stomach were telling me I wanted another, but my mind let me know it probably wouldn't be a good idea. Sure enough, as soon as I let my dinner settle a little it was clear that it was a good thing I didn't have two burgers. It was really yummy though and something I'd definitely try again.

Meals were pretty usual otherwise. Beanie and I made the muffins today. They actually turned out really well! I'll have to write up about them (and I took lots of pics!) later though -- Bubby has been relatively happy in his bouncer while I write this up, but I know that won't last and I'm ready for some cuddles anyway :)

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  1. We sometimes eat grilled chicken wrapped in a big Romaine leaf with a tarragon/mayo/mustard mix. So good! I'll have to try the burgers like that too :-)


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